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Terms and Conditions

At Veritas Paranormal we do our best to make sure that all and any of the events we organise are conducted in a professional manner. 

Veritas Paranormal cannot guarantee that paranormal activity will take place and therefore we cannot make any guarantees about the validity and truth behind your personal experiences whilst at an event. However, what we will guarantee is that all of our events are organised and conducted under controlled conditions at all times.The following terms and conditions are to insure that you are fully aware of the nature of the events Veritas Paranormal organise and run.

Due to the nature of some of our locations the following age restriction applies:


The minimum age for participants on all of our events is 18 years or older.

  1. No alcohol or drugs should be consumed prior to or during the investigation. If this occurs, or we suspect you to be under the influence of either - you will be asked to leave the premises immediately, regardless of time, weather or personal circumstances. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all guest members.

  2. Due to the law no smoking is allowed indoors at any event. There may well be designated smoking areas at some of our events but please be advised these are likely to be outdoors. However, we cannot guarantee that these facilitates will be readily available.

  3. Due to Health and Safety restrictions at our locations pregnant women are not permitted on our events.

  4. Veritas Paranormal do not provide any sleeping facilities at the event unless stated. Some of the locations do offer overnight facilities, and if an overnight option is available, you, as a guest, must ensure that you bring your own bedding/sleeping bag. Veritas Paranormal will not recommend any accommodation (B&B's/Hotel's etc).

  5. Veritas Paranormal will not at any time, location or event, be liable or responsible for any loss or damage to equipment belonging to it's participants, during and after the event, even if caused by, for example, suspected paranormal activity.

  6. All personal belongings, clothing, equipment, vehicles and or effects belonging to you or members of your party are your own responsibility and will always remain so. Veritas Paranormal are not and cannot be held responsible for the safe custody of members property, for its loss, damage or theft.

  7. Veritas Paranormal does hold public liability insurance. However, as part of our investigation introductions, you will be advised that you must use your torch in unlit areas. You will also be advised of any areas which may cause a hazard to you during the evening. Any guest injuries which have been caused contrary to our briefings will not be covered by our insurance.

  8. Veritas Paranormal remind all guests that all paranormal investigations by their very nature can be quite reserved affairs, as well as being fun. Disruptive behaviour of any sort is not and will not be tolerated out of fairness to all of our members. Throughout the organised event you and your party will be expected to act at all times in a sensible manner and that will not cause harm or injury to anyone else or effect of the property etc.

  9. Any event due to take place wholly or partially in the open air could be affected by adverse weather conditions. In this case, Veritas Paranormal reserves the right to relocate the event to an area which is undercover. In most cases all our events will still take place and it is your responsibility to bring suitable clothing to match the weather conditions of the time.

  10. Veritas Paranormal only use professional paranormal investigators and mediums: however any and all statements made by these persons are of the sole opinion of that individual paranormal investigator and/or medium and do not reflect the opinions or policies, stated or otherwise, of Veritas Paranormal. No perceived predictions, opinions, information, advice or comments made by our paranormal investigators and mediums should be interpreted as factual or actual. You, the guest member are responsible for making your own decisions and opinions and it is understood that when our paranormal investigators and/or mediums suggest something to you, it is an opinion of the paranormal investigators and mediums and should NOT be interpreted as the only course of action.

  11. Please note that Veritas Paranormal accounts and information regarding any paranormal activity occurring at the locations are not fabricated in any way shape or form. Although Veritas Paranormal members have on occasion witnessed and recorded paranormal activity in these locations we cannot and will not guarantee that any paranormal activity will take place on the night of the event.

  12. Veritas Paranormal do not recommend that guests take part in any Veritas Paranormal events if they suffer from any serious mental or physical impairment. Please contact us to discuss before deciding to assess the suitability of the event. If you suffer from any other significant medical condition such as epilepsy you must report this at the time of enquiry. Veritas Paranormal will not and cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any trauma experienced before, during or after any of our investigations.

  13. Veritas Paranormal encourage all guest members to bring any filming, recording or photographic equipment for personal use. Veritas Paranormal may also use certain recording equipment, whether in digital or videos or audio recordings these maybe used on our web site. You may inadvertently appear in imagery that appears on the Veritas Paranormal web site and or publicity materials. You hereby agree to their use.

  14. All events attended with Veritas Paranormal must be paid in full on the event date, as no senior member is responsible for taking payment until the actual event date. Where locations require a deposit this will be clearly outlined in the event details. Any member not paying in full will be unable to attend. Where deposits are required these will be non refundable regardless of circumstances unless we cancel the event.

  15. Veritas Paranormal Cancellation/Refund policy. When you agree to attend an event with us it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you are able to make the event date you have agreed to as we cannot transfer your place onto another event date if you or any of your party are unable to attend.
    The reason for this is that all places are paid for on the night to our locations which means we are still liable for these costs even if you cannot make the event. Any deposit payments therefore will be non-refundable.

  16. In the unlikely event that Veritas Paranormal investigation is cancelled by ourselves due to circumstances beyond our control then we will endeavour to send immediate notice informing all relevant members booked onto the event, this will be actioned via e-mail or text message.

  17. When attending a Veritas Paranormal event you may be asked to provide your booking ref or email sent to you as proof of your booking.

  18. All Payments go directly to the locations Veritas Paranormal do not accept nor handle any monies unless as afore mentioned a deposit is required. Full payments must be made in cash as Veritas Paranormal cannot guarantee facilities will be available for any credit/debit cards at the time of the investigation.

  19. Veritas Paranormal try to make sure all the information posted/advertised or detailed on our groups face book page and web site is accurate and up to date at all times. Please feel free to contact us immediately if you find or feel any information on the site is incorrect. However, the onus is on the individual to independently check any information posted/advertised or detailed on the Veritas Paranormal web site before relying on it. No representations are made by Veritas Paranormal that the information posted/advertised or detailed on the site is accurate and up to date or complete and therefore we do not accept liability for loss arising from any inaccuracy or information that is out of date.

  20. By agreeing to the terms and conditions detailed and as set out by Veritas Paranormal you further indemnify the organisers/ team members associated to and working with or for Veritas Paranormal from and against all legal liability, in respect of any costs, claims, damages, demands, penalties, actions, proceedings, suits, losses or expenses in respect of or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person, or damage to any property arising from your participation in the chosen Veritas Paranormal event, course/workshop and or demonstration.

  21. All investigation bookings made through Veritas Paranormal constitutes your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions in full. Veritas Paranormal may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

  22. Due to the nature of our investigations and the payment methods should you as a guest member of Veritas Paranormal be unable to attend you may offer your space to others however senior members of Veritas Paranormal must be notified and agreed upon in advance via email :

    All third parties need to be made familiar with our Terms and Conditions. It will be automatically recognised that the person(s) taking your place will have been asked by yourself to read and will have agreed to Veritas Paranormal Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so will result in the new attendee not being allowed to access the investigation/date.

  23. All guest members booking on any Veritas Paranormal event agree to have their contact details entered onto our mailing list. This list is for the sole use of marketing our group investigations and will not be used by or forwarded to any company or persons. Should you wish not to have your details listed please contact us and they will be removed.

  24. Whilst we endeavour to have a medium present on our investigations, this may not always be the case. If an investigation is advertised as having a medium and they cannot attend ,it will still go ahead as planned.

  25. Veritas Paranormal is not a company but a serious non profit volunteer group of paranormal investigators, with its members based throughout the UK Email

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