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The following are the details for our next event;

As with all of our events - we have a STRICT no alcohol or recreational drug policy. Anyone found to be, or believed to be under the influence of either, will be asked to leave immediately without any refund. This is for the safety of YOU, our other guests, and us, as hosts.

  1. You should wear appropriate clothing (and footwear!! high heels probably won't be practical - especially for any men on the night!!), as some venues do not have heating. Our vigils take place indoors at most of our locations, however, if we deem it safe and appropriate, we may venture outdoors if we are aware of an area which is known to potentially have paranormal activity.

  2. Please bring a torch - We will lead you on a walkround at the start with the lights on, however, afterwards, we will turn all lights off for the duration of the event. 

  3. There will be FREE snacks and hot drinks on the night. If you have your own dietary requirements, or would prefer to bring a cold drink, then please feel free to bring what you wish.

  4. If you have not yet paid any outstanding balance for the event. You can pay by either bank transfer or PayPal. Please email to request details of either.

  5. Parking at our events can at times be strictly limited. Where we are able to, we will try to secure and identify a parking area as close as possible to the location - furthermore, for those of you with accessibility needs, then please advise us prior to the event so that we can arrange something for you along with the venue. Please ensure that you leave yourself with enough time to park safely and securely as Veritas Paranormal UK cannot be held liable for any parking fines, or damage to your car whilst you are attending one of our events.

Chillingham Castle
Friday 7th April to Sunday 9th April
Address - Chillingham, Alnwick NE66 5NJ

Please find the details below, which will clarify our itinerary for the weekend;

Friday 7th April

1. Arrive in time for dinner at 5.30pm sharp.
2. After our 3 course dinner we will be given an exclusive tour of the castle, and the areas
which we will be investigating on Saturday night.
3. After the tour, you are free to return to your accommodation.

Saturday 8th April

Saturday day, is entirely up to yourselves what you decide do to do. 
1. Arrive in time for dinner at 6pm sharp.
2. After our 3 course dinner we will begin our paranormal investigation. We will split the
15 of your into 3 x groups of 5, with someone from each group being assigned as group leader,
who will ensure you navigate safely from one area to another.
3. Our investigation will finish at midnight, where you are free to return to your
accommodation, or make your way home.

How to get to the castle?

The entrance is the left hand side of the castle. There is a main
entrance on the road as you get near, however, the gates will
be closed and locked.

For those of you NOT staying at the castle - please use the entrance noted
below, park your cars on the left hand side by the castle gardens

(you can see the gardens on the image below), 
then make your way on foot to the main castle double oak doors,
where there will be someone to let you in.

For a precise waypoint - use What3Words - 
The following 3 words will give you the exact location to aim for
- ///


Your menu choices (incase you forget) 
i have listed your choices with your initials only, so as to maintain your privacy as much as possible


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