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We opened the doors of Veritas Paranormal UK in September 2019 and had our first event at 30 East Drive, Pontefract in October of the same year.

I have been fascinated by all things paranormal since an early age, and as such - this is both a hobby and a passion which I am fortunate to share with my wife, Ann-Marie.

All of our events are hosted by us two - along with our niece, Ellie, and from time to time, Michael, who is Ann-Marie's brother - and like a brother to me too! 

And of course not forgetting Dory - our adorable, if not sometimes bonkers Beagle!

Veritas Paranormal is by no means a business - and never shall it be one.

As above - this is our hobby, and we want to enjoy our events as much as you, our guests do. This is why we only invite along a group of about 15 to 20 guests on each event, so that we can get to know you, and give you the same enjoyable experience as we get. Because we're not a business, and we're not reliant on making profit, we have the luxury of keeping our event prices as low as possible - 'So why charge for tickets if you're not for profit?' - our ethos is to donate as much as we can to local charities. Not only is this us, giving back to local communities, we find that soe locations are kind enough to lower their location fees, and as such, this allows us to continue booking venues with low guest numbers, and also having that nice fuzzy feeling at the end of the night that we've made someone smile with our donation.

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